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When my kids were born, similarly, I took very few pictures of them because I was not used to having something so fidgety in front of my camera, but also, I thought, I can always take pictures later when I'm less busy and the house it less messy. The kids were six months old before I realized that they had changed before my eyes and I didn't document any of it. That realization flipped my world around and I started taking pictures them, a lot of pictures...and naturally, I developed a passion for capturing a child's carefree smile or a pouty little face, a mother's embrace or a family group hug.



I've always been fascinated by pictures. Growing up I used to take my dad's old camera and take pictures of everything I saw - stones, flowers, buildings, and everything that surrounded me. I liked the shapes, the colors, the patterns. It was getting so bad that while on vacation my friend told me that she would go back home if I didn't stop pausing every 30 seconds to take pictures of grass and carpet. I rarely took pictures of people, however, maybe because I liked my little quiet and still world that I saw through the lens.

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